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Vahan Parivahan is an online portal under National Transport Department that works to provide services rendered by RTOs. This application is a forerunner digital service under Nation e-Governance Plan started in 2006 under Mission Mode Project. It is a complete encyclopedic and computerized plan ensuring a complete digital solution for the services of RTO’s. Vahan aims towards making RTO’s paperless and making the allotted services more citizen-friendly. Vahan Parivahan RC Status can be checked on the official portal.

In this article, you will be made aware of what all services are offered in Vahan Application. Additionally, we will also tell you all the steps on how to apply for the services through an online portal. You can also see more interesting services you can use in the portal so do read the full article to gain access to maximum information.

Vahan Parivahan Vahan 4

This is a digital portal that was developed by NIC under the Mission Mode Project in the year 2006. Vahan Parivahan Seva is a service that is provided under the e-Governance Plan. MoRTH is the basic regulatory of Vahan Parivahan Seva. MoRTH is the crest of the government of India, which handles everything related to transportation with respect to the Central Motor Vehicles Act and Rules (CMVA/CMVR). In order to make and render services related to RTO’s efficiently and timely MoRTH introduced two applications viz.- Vahan and Sarthi Parivahan Seva for Vehicle Registration and Driving License.

The Vahan Parivahan seva deals mainly with Vehicle Registration. If one goes to RTO then it consumes a lot of time, for even a small work you need to make 3 to 4 visits to RTO. Also, Vahan 4 Application Status form filling and checking what is the application status has become so easy.

Vahan Parivahan Vahan 4 : Overview

The Vahan Parivahan Sewa is a digital platform developed in order to bring all RTO’s under one rooftop in a single platform. It aims towards the paperless services of RTO’s making it easier for the citizen as well as for the authorities.

Name of the authorityGovernment of India
Handled by the Department ofMinistry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)
CategoryVehicle Services
Service for types of vehiclesBoth Commercial and Private vehicle
Service ensured under VahanVehicle Registration
AboutVahan Citizen Service
official Websitehttps://parivahan.gov.in

Vahan Seva: Services Offered

The Vahan 4 Application Status offers services to the citizen which are given below:

  • First one is Vehicle Registration
    • New Vehicle Registration
    • Renewal
    • Transfer of ownership etc
  • Second, is Permit with more sub-services
  • Third, is Taxes with subsidiary services
  • Fourth is Fitness with sub-option
  • Fifth is Enforcement

Registration Process in the Portal

The citizen should register themselves in order to avail themselves to all the services offered to the citizen through the portal. In order to register follow the steps provided below:-

Vahan Sewa New User Registration
  • Further click on the option, opening a new page for registration.
Vahan Sewa Register new Login
  • After filling in the details, click on Generate OTP option.
  • After confirming the OTP and verifying it.
  • You have become a registered user.
  • Hence now you can log in.

Vahan Seva : Vehicle Registration Process

The vehicle registration of the vehicle contains sub-options that basically covers all the areas related to vehicle registration.

  • New vehicle registration
  • Service on registered vehicles
  • e-application form
  • All the backend operations

The services process follows –
-submission of application
-Collecting fee
-Record entry and Scrutiny
-Verification and approval

Services are availed State-wise on the portal and may vary in accordance with respect to the state. Each service can be availed by Logging in according to states. The icons appear indicating the services and can click on them to fill in the details and then submit them to RTO for further verification.

Vahan Seva : New Vehicle Registration

  • The user first needs to visit the official website parivahan Seva.
  • Then, click on the Online Services option from the main menu.
  • Additionally, a drop-down menu will appear, click on Vehicle Related Services.
  • Moreover, you can directly go to the Vahan citizen services official website.
  • Now, on the left side of the screen is a login box.
  • Accordingly, fill in a valid vehicle registration number on the options bar.
  • Further, click on Proceed option.
  • Or user can first register and then log in to the portal.
  • In addition, appears the list in icon form on the screen.
  • Click on the icon whose service user needs to use.
  • Immediately, after clicking a screen will appears where data’s need to be filled.
  • Initially, fill in details like Chassis number, Mobile number and generated OTP.
  • Then, Submit the details with confirmation
  • Simultaneously, make the payment.
  • Accordingly, you will receive a receipt after payment, the user needs to print a receipt out.
  • Lastly, the user needs to book an appointment if is applicable or available.
  • Hence, the user needs to visit RTO for verification.
  • Thus, after verification services will be rendered fully.

Do remember the application number of your form for further references.

How to Find the Application Number in Case it is Lost

In order to check the RC Application Status of the Vahan RC Status, the candidate needs to have an application number. On having a registration number the candidate can check the Vahan RC Status application status. On the second option if the candidate doesn’t have the application number they first need to get the application number. Let’s see how to get the application number for seeing Vahan 4 Parivahan RC Status –

Vahan Parivahan application number
  • Then, click on the Status option from the main menu.
Vahan Parivahan Transaction ID
  • In addition, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • From the drop-down menu click on the option Reprint Receipt/Form.
Vahan Parivahan Application form number
  • Henceforth, a new page will open up where the user needs to fill in varied details.
  • The new page will show four choices by which user can seek details
    • Application number wise
    • Receipt wise
    • Bank Transaction No wise
    • Registration number wise
Vahan Parivahan Receipt wise
  • Now choose the option except application number wise and fill in the details
  • Finally, click on the Show Details button.
Vahan Parivahan Reprint Receipt
  • As soon as, user click on the Show details option a list appears on the dashboard.
  • This list states all the services you have applied for so far.
  • Now click on the option you want to see from the list.
  • Once you recognize the option you want to see click on it Trans Id.
  • Then application form will open on the user screen where you can find the application number at the top.
  • Now use this application number to check the RC Application Status of the service.

Check Your Vahan Parivahan Application Status

To check application status one needs to have an application number. With the application number follow the steps to check Vahan 4 Parivahan RC Application Status:

Vahan Parivahan application Status
  • Additionally, once the homepage appears click on the Status option from the main menu.
Vahan Parivahan Service status
  • Henceforth, a page appears where the Application number is to be filled in the option.
  • After, filling the application number on the block click on Submit button.
Vahan Parivahan Application Report
  • Thereafter, click on the view report option.
  • Further, a report of the services and their status of being approved or not appears on the screen

How to check Service Status on Vahan Seva?

The Vahan Seva provides you with the availability of checking the details of the services you have applied for in RTO’s at one place without any crash load of people or extra consumption of time. The user basically needs a registration number, chassis number and engine number of the vehicle to check the details.

Sabooj Sathi Yojana

Add Pending/ Modify Uploaded Documents

Vahan Seva Pending Document
  • After clicking on Status option, a drop-down menu will appear showing various options.
  • From the options click on Add Pending and Modify Uploaded documents.
Vahan Seva Modify Document
  • Hence, on the next screen two option appears –
    • Add Pending Documents.
    • Modify uploaded documents
Vahan Seva Add Pending Document
  • Choose the option you want to avail yourself for i.e Add pending documents
  • Then, fill in the required details.
Vahan Seva Modify Uploaded Document
  • After filling in the information, and being thoroughly verified click on submit button.
  • Once you submit it will show you all the relevant details you wish to seek.
  • Accordingly, the same process has to be repeated if you want tp avail the second option i.e Modify Upload Documents
Vahan Seva Pending Modify Document

Check Pending Transcation

  • Visit the official website of Vahan Seva (Differs for each state).
  • Then, click on the Status option from the main menu of the website.
  • Hence, a drop-down menu will appear, select Check Pending Transaction Option.
Vahan Seva Check Pending Transcation
  • Here, two option will appear on the screen using any one of the both you can see details-
    • Transaction Number is also known as Application Number
    • Registration Number
Vahan Seva Transcation number
  • In Transcation Number option fill the application number and click on details.
Vahan Seva Application Number
  • If you doesn’t remember the application number, you can check details by Registration Number option.
  • In registration number option fill details of Registration number and chassis number’s last five digit.
Vahan Seva Registration Number
  • Lastly, click on show details option and the details will appear on the screen.
Know Your Pending Vahan Parivahan e-Challan / Blacklist details
  • Visit the Vahan Seva site according to concerned states it may vary.
  • Then, from the main menu select the Status option.
  • It will lead to a drop-down list, select the option Know your Pending e-Challan and Blacklist details.
Vahan Seva e-Challan details
  • After, clicking on the option a page appears where the Registration number is to be filled in order to see the details.
  • Hence, click on the Show details option, the details will appear on your screen about Vahan Parivahan RC status.
Vahan Seva pending e-Challan

Know Your Payment Transaction Status

  • The user first needs to visit the official website.
  • Select the Status option from the homepage of the website.
  • A drop-down list will appear, click on Know your payment transaction status from the list.
Vahan Seva Payment Transaction Details
  • It will lead to a new page of e-Vahan.
  • You can see 5 categories by which you can see the transaction details-
    • Transaction ID
    • Payment ID
    • Bank Ref.no
    • Registration No
    • GM.No

Any of the above option can be used to see details of payment.

Vahan Seva Payment Transcation Details
  • Fill the transaction id and click on search button.
Vahan Seva Transaction Status
  • Fill payment ID and click on search button.
Vahan Payment Transaction Report
  • Do fill in Bank reference number and click on search button.
Vahan Seva Transaction Status bank ref
  • You can also use registration number option and search for details.
Vahan Seva Payment details Registration no
  • Fill in GM. no and click on search button.
Vahan Seva Payment Status GM no

My Vehicle Details

All the details related to vehicles are in this very same portal. The user has to select the State and District RTO and click on the option Log On to avail services. Simultaneously, this will lead you to a new page where icons will be shown with a service option. Hence, you can check the service you want to use.

Reprint Receipt and Form

If seeking information about receipt reprinting and form then user can follow the steps given –

  • Visit the official Vahan citizen service website.
  • Thereafter, click on the option of Status from the main menu.
  • This will again open a list containing 2 option –
    • Reprint Receipt
    • Print pre-filled service-based SR form
Vahan Seva Reprint receipt/Form
  • Click on Reprint Receipt option, that will lead you to a new page.
Vahan Seva Service Form
  • On this page, various option opens to get details. Whatever option is apt for you select it and fill in the relevant details.
    1- Through Application Number
Vahan Seva Reprint receipt

2- Through Receipt wise

Vahan Seva Reprint by Application no

3-Through Bank Transaction Number Wise

Vahan Seva Reprint By bank ref

4-Through registration Number wise

Vahan Seva Reprint by registration no
  • Then click on show details option and the data gets available to you.

Print Pre-filled service-based SR Forms

To download a Pre-filled form click on the Status option, a drop-down list will appear from that select the Reprint Receipt option which will thereafter, open two option. From the option select Print Pre-filled service-based SR forms. Thus, a screen will appear to fill in the application number. Finally, click on Submit button.

Vahan Seva Pre-filled form

Verify Receipt

  • To verify the receipt, the user needs to check in the official portal.
  • In the official portal go to select the Status option which will lead you to a drop-down list.
  • Thereafter, select Verify Receipt option.
Verify receipt vahan seva
  • Hence, it will open a dialogue box for the View receipt option. The relevant details need to be filled and thereafter, click on submit button.
vahan seva receipt no
  • Thus,receipt will appear on your screen.

Withdrawal of Application

In Vahan Seva application one can even withdraw the application of vehicle from the portal.

  • Firstly, visit the Vahan citizen service portal.
  • Select the Status option and from the drop-down menu click on the option Withdraw your application.
Withdraw Application Vahan Seva
  • Thus, withdraw your application page will appear where relevant details are required to be filled.
  • Once details are filled click on the Show details option and data will appear on your screen.
Vahan Portal Withdrawal Application

Vahan Parivahan Seva: Additional Online Services

There are various other services available on the portal that can be handed down to the citizen. The other online services are-

  • Appointment
    • Book Appointment
    • Reschedule Appointment
    • Reprint Appointment Slip
  • Online Trade certificate
  • Online LOI
  • Application for self backlog
  • Online Permit

Parivahan Seva: Documents that can be downloaded From the portal

The Vahan application allow you to print certain documents by online services such as-

  • Print No Objection Certificate(NOC)/ NO Dues
  • Print Temporary resignation
  • RC in the name of financier (Form-36)
  • RC print (Form- 23)

UP Emandi 2023 New License

Contact Details
Helpline Number+91-120-2459168
Email Id[email protected]
Important Details
Parivahan SewaClick here
Vahan Citizen ServiceClick here
Vahan NR e-ServicesClick here
MoRTHClick here

Vahan Pari Vahan Portal FAQs

What is VAHAN?

Vahan is a complete encyclopedia of vehicle information connected through all the RTO’s. It basically regulates all the major work issues related to Vehicle Registration.

Does Vahan only provide Vehicle Registration Services?

No, Vahan provides more services though Vehicle Registration covers most of it. Mainly it automates RTO related services such as taxes, permits etc.

Does Vahan and Sarathi provides same services ?

No, Vahan and Sarathi are two different portals. Vahan handles Vehicle Registration and Sarathi is for Driving License services. Though both are only portal which has been brought forth for automation of Regional Transport Offices(RTO)

Can I get all kind of information related to my vehicle on Vahan such as my vehicle loan?

Yes, you can check everything related to your vehicle on the application. not only you can see all the service you have applied for but also vehicle loan, tax etc

How can I check my vehicle application Vahan Parivahan RC status?

You can check the Vahan Parivahan RC status through the portal. Additionally, in the article, detailed steps are provided to view application status.

Can complaint be filled online in respect to vehicle registration?

Yes, there is especially a separate option to file complaints on the portal. Additionally, you can also check the status of the complaint filed.

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