[Login] UP Emandi 2023 New License Application Online Status

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The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched an E-mandi portal, for the stakeholder, businessmen, and for farmers. The main benefit of this portal is that you can easily apply for the mandi license, you do not need to go to any concerned government authority. And with the help of that license, you are able to sell and purchase material in the up emandi. The portal was started on 1st March 2021, to make yourself register with the portal. Go through the article, and see the process of registration, and how to apply for the different licenses. Also, about the UP E-mandi portal, and the links, which are helpful for you to proceed further.

Update: As per the official site notification, the UP e-mandi has been upgraded, so every participant has to change the password, by means of OTP, for that you need to log in to the portal. The login details are below on this page.

[Login] UP Emandi 2023 New License Application Online Status
[Login] UP Emandi 2023 New License Application Online Status

About Uttar Pradesh UP Emandi

The e-mandi portal has come with the concept of online services of the mandi, through which people take the step towards the process of digitalization. Now, everyone has to make themselves aware of the use of technology. By launching this portal, the UP government makes the process virtual, which increases the profit of the mandi person by reducing the middle person interference.

There are basic features of the E-mandi, which are as follows:

  • The module of the E-mandi is based on the virtual concept of mandi, which involved the stakeholders, mandi license, all the legal forms related to the mandi is there in the e-portal and other facilities.
  • There is a login section for the stakeholders, through which they can able to work in the e-portal.
  • The portal of e-mandi was generated like this, that all the processes can be done easily and by anybody, so it is safe to use.
  • All the license holders, keep the records updated from time to time.

Overview of UP E-mandi

Article AboutUttar Pradesh E-mandi
Article Category UP Govt. Scheme
StateUttar Pradesh
Launched underUttar Pradesh State Agricultural Produce Markets Board
Made ByNIC
E-mandi implement in UP1st March 2021
Goalto make the mandi process digital, for the benefit of the people.
Application MediumOnline
Beneficiary detailsFarmers, Traders/ Merchants
Official web portalemandi.up.gov.in

Benefits of UP Emandi

As e-mandi portal is very useful for the people who want to do business in the mandi, and for the farmers. It provides services, which make the process of selling crops easy, and other than that there are many other benefits, which we have mention below:

  • To make the process easy for the farmers, through this portal, they can easily get the entry slip at the entrance.
  • Now any people or firm can apply for the mandi license from the e-mandi portal, they will get the digital license which was issued by the committee of the Mandi after receiving the online application form.
  • Form numbers 6 and 9 are available in the portal, one is used for purchasing and selling, and the other one is for the digital license, respectively.
  • The businessman can also apply for the Gate pass, which will be given by the mandi committee. Such gate passes will solve the trading problem.
  • Provide the entry slip, which is useful to bring the outside products into the state.
  • There is a facility for transferring the stock for processing, which has been given by the mill factory.
  • There is a system of online payment of the mandi fees, which will be paid by the traders.

Role of Mandi Committee in E-mandi

In this section, we describe the basic role of the E-mandi, and you can make it useful for yourself, by knowing the important aspects of the e-portal of the Uttar Pradesh mandi. The E-mandi play various role, which includes:

  • There is a login of each mandi, which consists of a dashboard, in which mandi’s activities have been noted.
  • On the mandi Dashboard, the updated status of the various application form is shown, which you applied for it.
  • The committee of mandi has been looking at the license, and application forms.
  • Mandi committee also determines the minimum selling price of the mandi items.
  • The physical verification of the Gate pass can be done by the Mandi committee.

Who are the authorized users of UP E-mandi?

The following people are the authorized users of the E-mandi portal, who can log in as per their designation, the login, and the registration is given below:

FarmersGovernment bodiesRetailers
Mandi staffCommission Officers.Executive body

Key Features of Uttar Pradesh E-mandi Portal

There are some of the Key Features of the Uttar Pradesh E-mandi Portal and such features make you aware of the services of the E-portal of Uttar Pradesh. Below we have mentioned some of its feature which is given as:

  • With the help of the UP emandi, it will be easy for the farmers to sell the products, anywhere, in any state, at the state price.
  • All the process is carried out in a legal way, so there is no case of forgery or any loss of any people.
  • Will get to know about the fee details of various purpose available in the portal as per its duration.
  • There is a legal agreement, to provide the good quality of the product, to the customers.
  • The authority of the state, provide the facility to the farmer, so that they can easily link with the NAM, and get the proper market place, and process.
  • Soil testing facilities are also available for the farmers, which they can send to the concerned lab. All such facilities can be explored, and enjoyed by the UP people, through this portal.
  • The e-mandi, make the selling and purchasing process easy, for the mandi people, and for the farmers.

Documents Required to obtain UP EMandi License

All the below mention documents are necessary to submit or upload along with the application form because all documents will be used for the verification. So submit all the documents which are mention below:

National Budget letter/ demand draft of 1k INR (for security purpose)From Applicant Side: Stamp letter of ten INR, form notary on the prescribed format (affidavit)
Deed of partnershipFrom Guranteer Side: Stamp letter of ten INR, form notary on the prescribed format (affidavit)
Copy of the registration certificateCopy of Rent Agreement
PAN card photocopyreceipt of electricity bill/ house tax (for address verification)
GSTIN or TAN photocopyAadhaar card copy
document for UP e-mandi license

Process to Apply for the UP E-mandi License

It is essential for the mandi workers to apply for the E-mandi License, to take the benefit of the e-Mandi portal, also if you want to work through this portal, you need to apply for the License first. To apply for the e-mandi license, you have to follow the below given process:

  • You have to go to the official portal of the E-mandi.
  • The homepage will display on your screen, from which you need to click on the New Application Form.
  • Moving towards the bottom you will find the New application Form option (as shown in the image)
  • After clicking on the option, terms & conditions, objectives, and guidelines for the license will appear on the next page.
  • Before proceeding you need to ready all carefully.
  • After that, click on the confirmation box, and click to save option.

Enter Details

  • Now, start filling the application form, in which you need to fill the following details:
Details of Application -Choose the type of License required (Market level or Solo)
-Select the mandi
-Choose Duration (one year, five years, or lifelong)
Information about Applicant– Name of the Applicant
– Father’s Name
– PAN card No.
– Email ID, Mobile No., Address, Pincode
– Select State, and District
Business Unit Description-Name of the Business Unit
-Select Type of Business
– Permanent Address, and Local address
– PAN card no., GSTIN No.,
– Name of the Nominee, nominee Aadhaar No,
-Name the Market area
  • Once all the details have been filled in, enter the security code, and proceed further, by clicking on the Preserve option.
  • On the next step, upload the related document, and submit the application form,
  • Then proceed to the payment option, through SBI, submit fees, and fill in all the required details,
  • You can also check the application status whose process is discussed in the later section.
  • Write down the application number, for future reference.

Note: Maximum of 14 days will be given, to complete all the stages of the application form, after 14 days the incomplete application form, expire, and then you have to proceed again from the first step.

UP Mandi License Fees Details

You can easily check license fee detail and for that, you need to open the official portal, on scrolling down you will see the option of License fee information, now choose the purpose, and select the time period, and tap to the Know application fees. The amount of charge will be shown in the fees section column. You can see the image for more info.

UP e-mandi license fees information
Fees Information

Uttar Pradesh E-mandi License Details

It is essential to check the details of the license for corrective purposes or to check the history of the license from time to time. If you want to check the details of the license of UP E-mandi, follow the below-given process:

  • Firstly you have to open the official portal of the UP e-mandi,
  • The link will direct you to the home page of the site,
  • Now scroll down the page, and click on the License details,
  • Once you click on the option, the new page will be open on your screen,
  • Fill in the data, such as License Number, and the captcha code
  • Tap to the See the option, the details/ history of your license will appear on the screen.
license history of UP e-mandi

Track UP emandi Application Status

After applying for the application, you can also track the status of the application form, to know the current status. If you also want to know the status of your application then go through the below-given process, which is as follows:

  • Visit the official portal of digital portal of the UP mandi,
  • Now search for the option of Application status, on the homepage,
  • You will get the Application status option, form the ribbon bar of the page,
  • After clicking on the option, the new tap will open,
application status option
  • Now fill in the details of the application form, i.e application number
  • fill the captcha code, and tap to the View status,
  • The status of your application will be display on your screen.
Application Status

UP E-mandi License Verification

The emandi license verification can be done online, for that, you have to visit the official site, and click on the trade license. And choose License verification, after that, the next page will open on your screen. Enter the license number, fill the captcha code, and tap to the See the option. The details will come on the screen.

license verification of UP -e-mandi

UP emandi License Renewal

You can see the status of the License renewal status, by using the official site of the UP E-mandi. After opening the site, scroll down the page, where you can find the option of License Renewal. Click to the option, and enter the Computerized License Number, on the given space. Enter the captcha code, and click on the See the option.

license renewal UP e-mandi

UP E-mandi Merchant Sign UP

Merchant can Sign Up on the E-mandi portal of Uttar Pradesh through one of the following option:

MethodsDetails to be filled
-License Number
-Create password
-confirm password
Firm Pan -Business Unit PAN
-License Number
-Create password
-confirm password
Applicant Pan-Applicant’s Pan
-License Number
-Create password
-confirm password
merchant signup-UP e-mandi portal
  • After filling in the details, click on the sign-up option.
  • On the next page, enter the OTP, and click to submit option
  • After that, a confirmation message will appear on your window
  • On confirming the same you may proceed to the Login Process.

Note: There are some criteria for the password, which are: the password should consist minimum of 8 and max 15 characters, containing at least one lowercase, uppercase, number, and an alphanumeric character., to make the password strong.

UP Ration Card Application Form 2023

Login Process: For Merchant

To login into the portal of E-mandi, firstly, open the web portal of the UP mandi. On the top of the bar, you will get the option Login.

  • Click to the Login option,
  • The link will direct you to the new page,
  • Enter all the required details, in the given space,
    • Email address/ User name
    • Enter Login password
    • Enter the Captcha code
  • And now click on the login option,
  • With a click, the dashboard will open on your screen.
login UP e-mandi portal
Login E-mandi

How to Reset UP E-mandi Password?

In case you forgot the password, you can change the password, for that open the Login page of the site. Once the page opens click on the Reset password option, which is mention below on the page. After clicking, the option, the forgot password page will open on your screen. Now enter the Username or email ID, and the security code. Then click on the submit option.

The option to reset the password will appear on your screen. Now reset the password, and move towards the Login option.

forgot password E-mandi login

How to download Form 6 and 9?

To download Form 6 and 9, you have to log in to the E-mandi portal. When your dashboard will open, there is the option of Form 6 and 9, you can fill it from there, and send a request for the selling and purchase license, and also for the gate pass respectively.

license of UP e-mandi

Registration For Non-notified Agricultural Product

For Registration of Non-notified Agricultural Product, you have to visit www.emandi.up.gov.in and search for the desired option, which is mention on the homepage. Click it and open the new page, in which you have to fill in the Merchant’s Mobile Number and the captcha code. And tap the Preserve button.

user registration charges for Up non agricultural products

UP E-mandi Feedback/ Complaint

For any complaint or feedback, you can visit the official site of UP e-mandi. And click on the Feedback/ Complaint option, on the homepage, and fill in the following details:

  • Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Select the context
  • Person Introduction
  • Select Market
  • Write Description
  • Upload file (if any)
  • Enter the verification code
  • And click on enter

Do not forget to note down the complaint number, for the future ref.

feedback & complaint form of mandi portal
Feedback/ Complaint Form

View Complaint/ Feedback Status

Check the Complaint/ feedback status, by following the below process:

  • Go to the Uttar Pradesh E-mandi portal,
  • Scroll down the page, and click on the feedback option,
  • choose the Feedback/complaint status,
  • Enter the complaint No. or Feedback No.
  • Fill the Captcha
  • And click on the Preserve option
  • The status will come on your screen.
feedback/ complaint status
Feedback- Complaint Status

UP E-mandi: Contact Detail

For more queries and information, you can contact to the below given details:

  • Address: Kisan Mandi Bhawan, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow – 226010
  • Contact+91-8765957686, +91-8765958630

UP E-mandi: Important Links

New License Application FormApply now
Check the Application StatusCheck Now
Contact list district-wiseSearch Here
Official E-mandi portalClick Here

Uttar Pradesh E-Mandi: FAQs

To whom Form 6 will be issued in the UP e-mandi?

The Form 6 will be issued to give the access for the first sell.

How I can enter my old stock into the e-mandi?

-For primary stock, issue form 6 (it is done by the merchant),
-Secondary stock, issue the entry slip (verified by a committee of Mandi),
-For Bahar stock, issue external slip (done by the merchant)

When Form 9-II will be issued?

For the second access of the sale, form 9-II will be issued.

Why the external slip will be issued?

The external slip will be issued, when you want to register the stock for other state.

What is gate pass in the E-mandi?

Such gate pass is necessary to transfer the material from outside the state.

To whom form 9 will be issued?

It is issued for the first sale.

How I can submit the e-mandi license fees?

You can submit the e-mandi license fees by using the online portal of the UP E-mandi.

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