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Kerala Saranya Self Employment Scheme: As the job opportunities especially government sectors are decreasing day by day, there is a need of promoting Self Employment options. To support this, government is also running various programs and scheme for the promotion of self-employment so that citizens especially youth can be become self-reliant. Kerala Saranya Self Employment Scheme is one of the best examples of self-employment schemes. It is basically scheme that focusing for generating self-employment opportunities for the Destitute Women and of the state.

Kerala Saranya Self Employment Scheme

Un-employment is one of the biggest issues in Kerala. As state has highest rate of literacy them rate of educated-unemployment is also high. Employment exchange in each district of the state keeps monitoring the rate of employment in the state. After the introduction of unemployment allowance to the unemployed youth of the state, state a noticed a huge change in number of registrations in employment exchanges.

As this was not the solution to solve the problem of employment in the state, government came up with various self-employment schemes like KESRU, Multi-Purpose Service Centers/ Job clubs etc. for different sections of the society. Saranya is one of the schemes which exclusively targets the destitute women of the state. Under this self-employment scheme, beneficiaries are provided an interest free loan of upto Rs.50000/-. The scheme is aimed to provide financial assistance to uplift and the destitute and segregated women of the state. With the assistance beneficiary can start their own venture and become self-employed, this will empower the women of the state, decrease the rate of unemployment and promote self-employment.

In this article, we have provided complete details of self-employment scheme. So, all the those who interested in applying for the scheme can collect necessary information from this scheme before go to apply. If you are the one, then just scroll down and go through the details carefully. One can also bookmark this webpage so that they do not miss out on any update regarding this scheme.

Kerala Saranya Self Employment Scheme
Saranya Self Employment Scheme

Kerala Saranya Self Employment SchemeAn Overview

Name of the SchemeSaranya Scheme
Article categoryKerala Govt. Scheme
Concerned DepartmentEmployment Department, Govt. of Kerala
Sanctioned in2010
Govt. orderGO(P)No.81/2010/Labour
PurposeTo promote self-employment and empower poor women
BeneficiariesDestitute women of the state
Benefit providedInterest free loan upto Rs.50000/
Total Repayment instalments60
Transfer modeDirect transfer to beneficiary account
Current Year2024
Current StatusActive
Mode of applicationOffline/Online
Official portal of the employment departmentemployment.kerala.gov.in

Highlights of Kerala Self Employment Scheme

Kerala Government has implemented various self-employment scheme for the upliftment of the backward section and needy citizens of the scheme. All the schemes related to Self-Employment in Kerala are implemented through the Employment Directorate of the state. The key points of these self-employment scheme include-

  • Free Service- These schemes are delivered free of cost from the government
  • High Subsidy- A high subsidy benefit is provided under such schemes
  • No Intermediaries- There is direct connection between the beneficiary and government. No intermediaries are there and it reduces the rate of corruption.
  • Less Formalities- The process is easy and has less formality so that every beneficiary can easily apply and avail the benefit.
  • Free EDP Training– Beneficiaries are also provided Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training free of cost under these schemes.
  • Departmental Support- As these schemes are government funded, they have a departmental support.

Features & Benefits

Have a look at the salient features and advantages of Saranya Scheme explained in this section. This will help you to get an insight about the important and major aspects of this women centric scheme.

  • The scheme was sanctioned in the year 2010 through a GO GO(P)No.81/2010/Labour.
  • It is one of the self-employment schemes which is funded by the Government of Kerala.
  • The scheme was introduced for providing financial assistance to the most disadvantaged women and segregated women of the state. This category basically includes women who has been divorced, widowed, deserted and also the ST category unwedded mothers.
  • Under Saranya scheme, beneficiaries are provided with an interest free loan from banks so that they can start their self-employment ventures. They are provided a loan of upto Rs.50000/- and out of the total amount 50% amount i.e. around Rs.25000/- is reimbursed as Government subsidy. Beneficiaries have to repay the loan in total 60 equal instalments to be paid monthly.
  • If there is a requirement of amount more than the limit of financial assistance provide under the scheme i.e. Rs.50000/-, then the beneficiaries are required to pay their  beneficiary contribution of 10% of the extra amount they require.  Moreover, they also have to pay an interest of 3% at the flat rate for the extra amount  (exceeding Rs.50000/-).  Applicants can be sanctioned a loan upto Rs.100000/- under this rule.
  • However, this scheme was introduced for individual business ventures but starting a joint venture by more than one person is also allowed. The benefit in this joint venture is availed by each member of the venture.  
  • No beneficiary is required to provide any kind of security against the loan.  
  • The scheme helps in women empowerment and making them self-reliant by bringing into the mainstream.
  • The scheme is implemented by the Employment Department of the state.

Implementation Process of Saranya Scheme

  • Implementation of Kerala Saranya Scheme is carried out by the Department of Employment of Kerala.
  • The implementation process starts with the application process. Applications forms are available online or can be collected from the concerned employment exchange.
  • Filled-in application forms are to submitted along with required documents.
  • The submitted application will be primarily verified at the Town Employment Exchange. All the details will be scrutinized and certificates will be verified. After primary verification, application form is sent to the concerned District Employment Exchange.       
  • Now, these applications are also scrutinized at the district exchange and are then forwarded to District Committee for sanction of loan. District Committee is the authority that sanctions loan for Saranya scheme and Kerala Government being the appellate authority of the scheme.
  • From the Employment Department the loan demand draft (DD) is directly sent to beneficiary’s Bank Account after the completion of verification process. Beneficiaries from the concerned bank can avail the amount. These beneficiaries under the scheme are considered only for regular vacancy not temporary vacancy.    
  • Training programs are also conducted by the employment department and loan is sanctioned only to the applicants who attend and complete the training.

Kerala Saranya Self Employment SchemeEligibility

This self-employment scheme has been released for a particular section of the society. Only eligible people should apply for the scheme. In case an applicant is found eligible, then her application shall be rejected and a legal action could be taken. To avoid such things, applicants must check the eligibility requirements carefully before filling the application form. If you are also a prospective applicant for this scheme, they do reach the eligibility criteria for Saranya scheme given below-

  • Applicants should be a permanent resident of Kerala State.
  • This scheme is only for the female applicants who fulfils the following criteria-
    unemployed divorcee, widows, deserted women and spinsters of age above 30 years and those who are unwedded mothers coming from the Scheduled Tribe  (ST) categories with age limit 18-55 years. Also, a woman who has a bed-ridden husband can also apply.
  • Age limit for the aforementioned categories is between 18 to 5 years except for spinsters for whom it is above 30 years.  
  • The family income of the applicants from all sources should not exceed the amount of Rs.100000/- per month.
  • Applicants must be registered with the employment exchange.
  • Candidates having any kind of technical or professional qualification will be given preference.
Divorced womenThese are the women who has been separated from their husband through a court of law i.e. (divorce) or as per their religious authority.Age Limit- 18 to 55 years Certificate to be procured from Village officer
WidowsThese are the women whose husband has been deceased and till date they have not married again. Age limit- 18 to 55 years Respective certificate can be obtained from Chairman/Mayor of the Municipal Corporation (in Urban areas) or from the Gram Panchayat head/Village officer in rural regions.  
Deserted womenWomen whose husbands has been missing since last seven years, is absconding or women who has been deserted by their husbands comes under this category. Age Limit- 18 to 55 years Obtain certificate from concerned Tahsildar
SpinsterWomen who have attained the age of 30 years as on 1st April of the date of application and has not been married yet. Age Limit- 30 to 55 years Certificate can be obtained from the concerned Village Officer/ GP/ ULB  
Unmarried ST MotherWomen who belong to Schedule Tribe and has child without being married. Age Limit- 18 to 55 years Certificate to be obtained from respective Village office stating the caste and category of the unmarried mother.

Note: All the forementioned beneficiaries are required to have respective certificates to prove the eligibility. These certificates can be obtained from the respective authorities mentioned in the table.

Documents Required for Saranya Application

To support the eligibility criteria, applicants must submit all the requisite documents along with the application form the concerned office. The list of documents is checked below-

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Photo Id proof
  • Address Proof
  • Date of birth proof
  • Qualification Certificate/ Marksheets
  • Route map and details of project/ enterprise
  • Category certificate to be issued by the competent authority
  • Bank details/ bank passbook
  • Ration card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Disability certificate as applicable
  • Employment exchange registration receipt
  • Project complete details
  • Attested photograph of the applicant
  • Other requirement details

How to Download Saranya Application Form?

State Government has not launched any official portal for Saranya scheme. All the information and latest developments regarding the scheme are hosted on the official website of the state employment document.

This is the reason, there is no online application process for this scheme till date. Applications are made in offline mode. However, application form can be obtained online from the department’s portal. In case of launch of any online portal for application, we will update the link here. Till then those who are willing to submit application for Saranya self-employment scheme can follow the given process of applying along with the downloading of application form-

  • Step 1- Applicants have to go to the official portal of Kerala Employment Exchange Department. Check link below.
  • Step 2- Click on “Downloads” menu given on the homepage of the website. Select form option from the dropdown menu.   
  • Step 3- A new page will open. First read the guidelines by clicking on “Saranya Scheme Guidelines” link then click on “SARANYA Form” to download the application form.
  • Step 4- Download the application form and take a printout of it.
  • Step 5- Fill the Application with correct details.
  • Step 6- Enclose all the required documents and submit the application form at the concerned employment exchange.  

Application Fee

Application forms can be obtained/ downloaded free of cost from the employment department website. No application fee is collected from any of the applicant.

Information to be filled in the application form

Applicants must keep all the documents handy so that they can refer them for details to be filled in the application form. At the time of filling Saranya Application form, applicants are required to fill the given basic information in the form-

  • Name in the employment exchange in Kerala
  • Name in English and Malayalam
  • Permanent Address including house no. and ward name
  • Present address of residence
  • Landline
  • Mobile No.
  • Phone No. of the next of kin
  • Date of birth
  • Father/ Mother name
  • Voter Id no.
  • Ration card No.
  • Name of the Gram Panchayat/ Municipal Corporation
  • Category (widow/ divorced etc.)
  • Caste
  • Disability status
  • Name of the employment exchange
  • Registration No.
  • Date of registration
  • Employment number
  • Next renewal month
  • Educational qualification
  • Job details (if any)
  • Annual Family income
  • Bank Account details
  • Project details
  • Other details

Monitoring of Saranya Scheme

The scheme is controlled by the Director of Employment.The monitoring of the scheme is done by the Town Employment Exchange Officers and District Employment Officer.             

In case beneficiary fails to repay the instalments for 3 consecutive terms, then two reminders will be sent to the beneficiary. If no response is received from the beneficiary, then an action to recover the loan amount will be initiated.   

If it is found that the loan amount is being utilized or has been utilized for any other purpose other than the project for which loan was sanctioned, then an action to recover the entire loan amount will be taken. This loan will be recovered using the revenue recovery method.                  

Quick Links

Kerala Employment Department website (Saranya Official portal)Click Here
Saranya Application FormClick Here
Saranya Scheme GuidelinesClick Here
Maharashtra Berojgari Bhatta Click Here
Shram Suvidha Portal Click Here

Contact Details

For any support related to Kerala Saranya Scheme, you can contact at the details given below-

Employment Directorate
Sixth Floor, Thoizhil Bhavan,
Vikasbavan P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram 695033, Kerala
Phone No.- 0471-2301389
Fax- 0471- 2306246
Email- [email protected]

In case of any issue related to Kerala Saranya Scheme, you can mention the same in the comment section below.


How to apply for Kerala Saranya Scheme?

Applications can be submitted in offline mode. However, applicants can download their application form from the official portal of the state employment exchange.

How to obtain the application form offline, if a candidate is not able to download it online?

Such applicants can obtain Saranya application form from the concerned Employment exchange.

Is the beneficiary required to provide any security for availing loan?

No beneficiaries are exempted from providing any kind security for getting loan amount under this scheme.

What is the application fee for Saranya scheme?

Application is completely is free of cost. No application fee is charged from any of the applicant.

How much loan is sanctioned to the beneficiaries under this scheme?

Beneficiaries under this scheme are provided a loan upto Rs.50000/- so that they can start their a new venture for living.

Is it compulsory for applicants to get registered under employment exchange?

Yes, applicants must be registered under their concerned employment exchange.

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