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We all know that one gains the right to vote at the age of 18. The Maharashtra government has now made the process of applying for the Maharashtra Voter List available online, as well as offline. This means that every citizen of Maharashtra has the opportunity to apply for the voter list via online means in 2021.

Voting is the constitutional right of the citizen of any democratic country. India being the largest democracy in the world, exercising the right to vote is the core meaning of any democracy. Through this power of voting, it is us, the common people who have the power of shaping our country, by voting for representatives who run the Government, elected by us.

However, to be eligible to vote, one must have a voter I.D, which one can apply for by either visiting government offices, or online as well. Let us now understand the importance of a voter ID, a voter list its objectives and benefits, how to apply for one etc.

Maharashtra Voter List 2022

A Voter I.D is a proof of identification one becomes eligible to hold after they turn 18 years old. The Voter I.D is issued by the Election Commission of India. To ensure the practice of free and fair elections, the Election Commission made it mandatory for eligible voters to hold a Voter I.D. The Voter I.D has to be shown at the time of voting. It is also known as the Elector’s Photo Identity Card or EPIC. As mentioned earlier, one must be of 18 years or older and must be of sound mind to hold a Voter I.D.

A Voter I.D consists of the following segments:

  • Your Name
  • Parent’s Name
  • Serial Number
  • Photograph
  • Age
  • Gender
Maharashtra voter ID card

Why is it important? Having a Voter I.D is essential because it is not only proof of one’s identity, but also because it contains credentials such as one’s signatures, fingerprints etc. It also helps in applying for a bank account, Aadhaar card (if one does not hold an Aadhaar card at the time), other personal documents, and plays an essential role in checking fake votes as well. To apply for a Voter I.D, one must :

  • An address proof such as a rent agreement, deed, phone bill, passbook, etc.
  • An identity proof such as a student I.D, PAN card, passbook etc.
  • Two passport-size photographs.

Eligibility criteria for Voter I.D in Maharashtra

To apply for registration on Maharashtra Voter I.D, one must be

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Free from any mental ailments or illnesses.
  • Should be a permanent resident of Maharashtra State.
  • A resident of whichever area of Maharashtra one lives in.

How to apply for a Voter I.D in Maharashtra


To apply for a Voter I.D online, one first needs to :

Election Commission of India official website
  • Click on the Services Voter’s Portal.
Service Voter's Portal option
  • After clicking, the page will display three options to select from at the bottom section ; we have to click on Enroll as a General Voter.
Service Voters' Portal
  • Since we are looking to create a new voter I.D, we shall log in or register to be able to apply for a new voter I.D card. A login/register option is available at the bottom left.
NVSP official portal
  • After logging in/getting registered, we shall soon find a ‘Form 6’ which is to be filled with necessary details and attaching the required documents.
  • Submit the form at the counter.
Form 6 required to fill details


The offline method can be a little taxing considering the offices might have a long queue, but we shall still take a look at the offline method. One must visit the nearby election office and fill out ‘Form 6’ with the necessary details, along with attaching the required documents, after which the form must be submitted at the counter.

A Voter I.D is an essential document to have, not only because one can use it to exercise the right to vote, but also because it is a solid identity proof accepted by companies, banks, railways, airports, etc while applying for a new phone connection, a new bank account, gas or electricity connection, buying travel tickets, etc.

(Registration) Maharashtra Berojgari Bhatta : बेरोजगारी भत्ता महाराष्ट्र आवेदन

Things to remember while applying for Maharashtra Voter I.D

  • Fill the necessary details in Form 6 along with attaching the required documents. This is applicable for first-time voters as well as those who have recently changed cities.
  • Non-Residential Indians will need to fill Form 6A.
  • Form 7 in case of objection in Voter’s List.
  • Any changes or errors in details can be rectified by filling Form 8.
  • Fill out Form 8A for shifting residences in the same constituency.

Documents required to apply for Maharashtra Voter I.D

  • PAN Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • High-school certificate
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Ration Card

Maharashtra Voter List

Now that we have discussed in detail Voter I.D, its importance, applications and so on, let us move on further to the Voter List. We may have learnt that it is essential to have a Voter I.D to be eligible to vote, but just a Voter I.D will not be enough by itself. This is why we shall learn about the Voter List.

A Voter List, also known as an Electoral Roll, is essentially a detailed list of all people who are registered and deemed eligible to vote. This list is maintained by the Election Commission of India, ideally made weeks or months before elections take place. Every constituency has its Voter List, so it is best to check one’s name on the list before stepping out to vote.

Sample Voter List

The importance of a Voter’s list is to ensure there is no foul play during elections or to maintain fairness. The Voter’s list makes sure that a single person casting two votes, or duplication of votes does not take place. The online availability of a voter list is not only to increase transparency but also to make people’s lives easier by removing the need of visiting a government office to procure their names on the list, thereby saving lots of time, money and other resources.

Since the Government of Maharashtra has made the voter’s list available online, the citizens of Maharashtra do not need to visit any government office at all, as they can simply check their name on the Voter’s list or the Electoral Roll online.

How to find out name on Maharashtra Voter List/status

  • Like with the Voter I.D, one can find out their name on the list via both online and offline means. To check one’s name on Maharashtra Voter’s list via online means, one must
  • Visit the Maharashtra government website.
  • Select the Find name on Voter List option.
Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra official site
  • Now the voter can choose to find their name on the list via the I.D card option, where they can fill in their voter I.D card number after selecting the ‘District’ option and solving the captcha.
  • Alternatively, the voter can choose to find their name on the voter list via the Name option, where one must fill out their name and security details after selecting between ‘District’ and ‘Assembly.’
Search name on voter list via name or id card

Voters can also check their names in the list via the Voter Helpline App, by just filling out the necessary details mentioned. They can also check their names by sending their EPIC number, or better known as their Voter I.D number via SMS. For example ‘ECI [space] EPIC number to 1950.

The Voter List can also be checked offline as well. One must contact the Block Level Officer (BLO) for information since the BLO maintains the voter list of a particular block.

Reporting Grievances

We shall also tell what one can do in case of any grievances. One needs to:

National Grievances Service official website
  • The portal will require you to sign up if you are not registered. If you are already registered on the portal, just enter the necessary information on the login page and move to the next one.
  • This will lead you to the grievance form, where you can fill out the necessary details.
  • Click on ‘Submit.’
  • Soon we will receive a reference number, or a complaint I.D, which will help us to the track down the status of grievances and complaints reported.

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Tracking Grievances

Tracking grievances too is a task made a lot easier with the help of online services. Once again, we shall:

  • Visit the Maharashtra government homepage.
  • Click on Online Complaints.
  • This will lead us to the next option of Tracking Complaints, where we can enter the allotted reference number, or the complaint I.D to track the status of complaints and grievances submitted by us.
Tracking Complaint Status by reference no./complaint id

The Maharashtra government has also provided two helpline numbers and an email address for further communication and any other problems or confusion. The details are listed below:

  • Email I.D :
  • Helpline Number : 1800221950
  • Phone Number : 022-22021987

Hopefully, this article covers all the important points and answered all the questions of the reader regarding Maharashtra Voter I.D, Maharashtra Voter List, their importance, applications, etc. We already know how important it is to exercise the power of voting. While the voter turnout at India’s 2019 General Elections was its highest ever at 67.1%, it is still a number quiet for the largest democracy of the world. The US presidential elections had a turnout even lesser than India’s, at 66.9%. We must understand that the power of voting gives us the ultimate freedom of electing a candidate of our choice. The fact that a lot of people from India’s lower sections, and Maharashtra’s slum areas still do not hold a voter I.D, or are not on the voter’s list remains a concerning point. Therefore, it is important to continue raising awareness about exercising our right to vote.  

Maharashtra Voter list and status information are provided in this article.

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