Karnataka Ration Card List 2024: ahara.kar.nic.in Status, District Wise List

Karnataka Ration Card List: India is a country that is one of the largest producers and consumers of food in the world with a significant population of 1.3 billion. But the regional imbalance of society strives up to the need for subsidized food that can be consumed by the middle to lower section of the society in order to get nourished and receive nutrients. Nonetheless, Karnataka is the 4th largest state of India in terms of development, yet the state suffers a wide gap in society. Therefore, the government of Karnataka came up with the distribution of Ration cards and providing its benefits to the beneficiary of the state. This article tries to do well into the detailed traits, functionalities, and usage of the Online portal of the Karnataka state government Ration card under the Food, civil supplies, and consumer department.

Karnataka Ration Card List: ahara.kar.nic.in Status, District Wise List
Karnataka Ration Card List: ahara.kar.nic.in Status, District Wise List

Karnataka Ration Card

As per the National food security act, The state government of Karnataka always comes up to provide the ration cards to the eligible beneficiaries of the state with a subsidized cost on foodgrains via PDS shops but this time it has gone Digital. Yes! With the new digitized portal available for the citizens, one shall register, check eligibility, track the application/ration card status, access the Beneficiary list, Link to Uid, etc. with a tap of the fingers through online medium only.

Benefits Of Karnataka Ration Card

  • The Karnataka Ration Card issued by the Food, civil supplies, and Consumer department provides the food grains at a lower cost through means of Public distribution system. Thus, strengthening the social and physical security of the non-rich sections.
  • The official website of Ahara of Karnataka Ration card provides the users with multiple options of e-services that can be availed online. Thus, this eliminates the conventional and traditional methods of services that are time-consuming and provides ease of access to the Karnataka Ration card online platform.
  • The Karnataka Ration card portal is end-to-end encrypted which makes it more secured and transparent keeping the user/beneficiary upgraded with all the features of the portal.

Types of Karnataka Ration Card

The Karnataka ration card that are provided to the beneficiaries of the state can be classified as:

  • Priority Household Ration Card– This card is issued to the families that are not covered under Antyodaya Yojana but indeed are meant to reach out to the targeted beneficiaries as per the NFSA. This ration card is for the beneficiaries with a 5kg of foodgrain limit for a month.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana– This card is issued to people who have a non-stable income generally the ones who are unemployed. Beneficiaries hereby are entitled to 35 kgs of foodgrains every month.
  • Annapurna Yojana Ration Card– This card is provided to older peoples or senior citizens who are above 65 years of age. These cardholders receive 10 kgs of foodgrains every month.
  • Non-priority Household Ration Card– This card is issued to the people who have a stable income and succeed the purchasing power parity. hence, are exempted to get any subsidised cost in the foodgrain.

Overview of Karnataka Ration Card List

ArticleKarnataka Ration Card Portal
Launched byKarnataka State government
Issued ByFood, civil supplies and Consumer Welfare department
Application availabilityBoth Online and Offline
Ration Cards covered4 types (PH,AY,AAY,NPH)
Official web portalahara.kar.nic.in

Eligiblity Criteria for Karnataka Ration Card

To be acceptable for registering into Karnataka Ration card, one needs to abide by the criteria provided below:

  • The registrant is ought to be a legit Kannadiga.
  • The applicant is expected to be an entrant for making a ration card and shouldn’t have an existing ration card from any state.
  • In case of theft/loss of ration card, Applicant is exempted to register under Karnataka ration card portal.
  • The yearly income of inhabitants of the rural and urban areas should not exceed Rs 17000 and Rs 12000 respectively.

Document Required

Provided below is the valid set of documents to be required during the procedure of application for Ration card:

  • Domicile certificate of the state of Karnataka
  • A copy of the Aggregate income certificate of the family
  • Rent Agreement certificate( in case the registrant is the renter).
  • An identity card issued by the Government of India such as Voter Id/Aadhar Card etc.
  • Undertaking signed by the Councilor of the region

Registration charges for Karnataka Ration Card

Once the process cycle of the registration of Karnataka ration card completes, within 2 weeks of registration a specimen copy through post will reach the applicant’s address. Post obtaining the Card, following will be the charges that should be paid to the assigned postman.

  • In the case of online registration for the Karnataka Ration card, a service charge of Rs 100 for each copy needs to be paid.
  • In case of offline registration, the assigned Kiosk in charge of service needs to be paid Rs 70/copy.

How to Apply Online for Karnataka Ration Card 2024?

Provided below is the step-by-step procedure to register online for Karnataka Ration card:

  • Visit the official web portal of Karnataka ration card under Food, Civil supplies and consumer affairs department
  • Once the homepage will appear on the screen, Tap on the E-services option being displayed inside the menu bar highlighted with green.
  • Tapping the E-services option will redirect the user to the new portal denoting the panel of the services on the left.
  • Choose the sub-list option of New Ration Card from the e-Ration Card drop-down bar which will lead you further to the next portal
e -service new ration card navigation
  • The Applicant needs to select out the language (between Kannada And English) and click the next button.
  • Now a separate window of New online Application for Ration card will appear on the screen.
  • On the bottom of the page will appear 3 pin bar:
    • New ration Card Request
    • Edit saved request
    • Application Withdrawl
  • Applicant as per the requirement needs to click on either of 3 to proceed further.
E-service ration card request
  • For applying for a new ration card, Applicant needs to select the New Ration card request with respect to the selection of Ration household and needs to click on the Proceed button appearing at the bottom.
  • Lastly, the user will be redirected to the Application window of the Karnataka ration card.
Ration card request
  • On tapping the 2nd – Edit Saved request, the Applicant gets the textbox appearing whereby the Application number needs to be provided so as to continue. Once the user enters the Application number and clicks on the Go button, the Dashboard denoting the Application progress appears on the screen.
edit saved request
  • The 3rd and last is the Application withdrawal in which the Applicant needs to enter the Application number and proceed with clicking the Go button. The Application details along with the progress report appear in front of the screen which the user may delete or make defunct.
Application withdrawl request

How to Apply for Karnataka Ration Card Offline?

Provided below is the procedure to register for the Karnataka Ration card through traditional method:

  • Applicant needs to go to the nearest Kiosk from his residence.
  • Now the aadhar verification of the registrant will take place for the information provided in the registration form.
  • Now the Applicant needs to choose the Public distribution system shop from the taluk.
  • Once going through all the details, Applicant needs to submit the Application form which will further be verified by the undersigned officials of the Food and welfare department of Karnataka.
  • On successful authentication, the Hardcopy of the Ration card of the applicant will be processed from the department’s end and shall be obtained within 2 weeks via a postal medium which will charge Rs 70 to the consumer.

How to track the Application status under Karnataka ration card portal?

To check the status of the application, one needs to go through the procedure provided below:

  • Visit the official web portal of Karnataka ration card.
  • Once the homepage appears on the screen, Tap on the E-services option being displayed on the menu bar.
  • Now the Applicant will be redirected to a new portal that will comprise the service Panel located on the left side.
  • From the service panel, Tap on the E-status drop-down which will drop 2 further sub-type.
  • Now, Click on the New/Existing RC request status and your page will be redirected to a separate window.
E-status karnataka ration card portal
  • The newly opened window will denote the status module and the 3 major divisions of the state:
    • Bangalore Division(City/rural/urban area)
    • Kalaburagi Division(Districts(Comprising the districts- Ballari, Bidar, Chikkaballapura, Chitradurga, Davangere, Kalaburagi, Kolar, Koppal, Raichur, Ramanagara, Shivamoga, Tumakuru, Yadgir)
    • Belagavi/Mysuru Division(Containing the districts- Bagalkote, Belagavi, Chamarajnagara, Chikkamagaluru, Dakshinakannada, Dharwar, Gadag, Hassan, Haveri, Kodagu, Mandya, Mysuru, Udupi, Uttarakannada, Vijayapura)
karnataka district division page
  • Applicant needs to select His/her respective region as per the division and the portal will be redirected to a new page.
  • If the Applicant has a newly applied Ration card, the Click on the ‘Application status for New Ration Card applied
Application status for new ration cardholder
  • In the next redirected window, Choose the area, provide the acknowledgement number and proceed with Go to check the status for Newly registered applicant
New applicant status
existing ration cardholder status
existing user otp verification
  • Lastly, fill out the registration credentials, provided the asked details along with the OTP verification and Click on the ‘Go’ button. The Ration card status of the Applicant will be displayed on the screen.

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka

How to Check Karnataka Ration Card List?

  • Show Village list– Located under the E-ration card, this option shows the list of the villages along with the data of the beneficiaries .
  • On tapping the Village list, the respective window of the Village list will appear where the user will need to enter the customized details via drop-down menu in the form of District, Taluk, gram panchayat, and Village so as to get the specific and decentralized information.
village list portal
  • Once the applicant enters all the details and Press the Go button, the tabular representation of the information of the beneficiaries as per the RC Number, Address, RC Card type and strength is displayed on the screen. Applicant shall therefore check his name in the list
village list tabular result
Sample list of Bangalore village to guide the applicants

How to check Karnataka Ration Card Suspended List?

Provided below is the procedure to access Cancelled /Suspended list from E-ration card segment:

  • Show cancelled/Suspended list– This is the option located below the Update Aadhar which basically displays the information of the list of the applicant/ beneficiaries whose application got terminated or canceled.
cancel suspended list menu
  • The new window of the Cancelled and suspended list displays the customised result once the user provides the District, Taluk, month and the year from the respective drop-downs.
Karnataka ration card cancel suspended list
  • Once the user provides the information and proceeds with Go button, the name of the cancelled Applicants for the chosen month as per the Rc number , date and reason of cancellation will be displayed on the screen.
cancelled- suspended list result
Sample cancellation list of Bangalore south region ward

E-Ration Card Components

The Karnataka Ration Card E-services has a complete panel that has an E-ration card segment that provides service to access the dashboard. Provided below is the orderly list and usage of the E-services:

  • Show Ration Card– This option is located just below the New ration Card where the registered user needs to enter the RC number and press the Go button in order to check the status of ration card
ration card display
  • Show Allotment– This option provides the user with the allotment of Ration w.r.t to the Application of the user
ration card allotment option
  • Rationing Status– This option provides the beneficiary to access the information of the the ration obtained from the allotted PDS shop .
Rationing status navigation
  • Through entering the ration card number, the information of the Respective Ration taken by the beneficiary for the month is displayed on the screen.
Ration card lifting list

How to check the Grievance system under the Karnataka Ration Card Portal?

One can file the grievance and access the status of grievance under Karnataka ration card portal. Provided below is the procedure to do the same along with the navigation:

Lodge the grievance

In case one wants to file a complaint in the context of a Ration card, He/She needs to abide by the steps provided below:

  • Once the applicant opens the E-services option from the homepage, on the next redirected page, check the service panel.
  • From the service panel, tap on the Public Grievance and Rewards drop-down and Click on the Lodge your grievance option.
Lodge grievance navigation
  • The Grievance application form will be displayed in front of you. To ensure details, Applicant needs to provide the basic information such as Official name, gender, Residential details, contact details, Complaint type, complaint description inside the textbox, documents uploading(not necessary), and write the Captcha generated into the textbox.
  • Lastly, tick mark the undertaking, click on the Submit button and the applicant’s issue will be resolved by the undersigned officials of the Department within some days of Complaint submission

Track the Grievance status

In case one wants to access the status of the complaint filed, He/she needs to follow the steps provided below:

  • Click on the E-services option from the homepage of the Karnataka Ration card portal.
  • Click on the Status of Grievance being displayed just below the Lodge your grievance.
Track grievance navigation
  • Once the grievance status window appears on the separate page, Provide your Acknowledgement number, Date of complaint, contact number, and the CAPTCHA on the textbox and press the Process button.
  • The status of the complaint will be displayed in front of you.

How to check the Ration Card amendment status?

The Ration card amendment checks whether any activity or updates or changes have been done on the services of the Ration card or not. Provided below is the procedure to check the ration card amendment status:

  • The option of Ration card amendment status is denoted below the E-status option provided in the service portal of the Karnataka ration card portal.
  • As per the navigation basis, the Applicant needs to visit the Official website of the Karnataka Ration card. Click on the E-services option and from the newly opened window, Tap on the Amendment status from the drop-down of E-status.
  • A separate portal will be opened in the background where the Applicant will be needed to provide the RC No and Tap on GO button.
  • Again the Region division page of Karnataka will open where Applicant will have to select their respective region and proceed.
  • Now the services webpage will open where the Applicant will need to tap on ‘Ration card request amendment status‘ which will lead the applicant to the main portal.
  • In the Ration Card transaction status portal, the Applicant is required to provide the RC number and the acknowledgment number and tap the Go button.
  • In successful credential recorded, the Ration card request amendment status of the Applicant’s application will be displayed on the screen

Note: It is to be noted that the Application not submitted within 7 days from the date of applying will be termed as defunct automatically.

Karnataka Ration Card Helpdesk

In case the applicant or beneficiary feels any query or has any complaint/feedback or any kind of suggestion, He/she can connect with the undersigned officials of Karnataka Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Welfare department via:

Telephone Number: 1967/1800-425-9339

Shall drop down an email at [email protected]

You can also reach out to :

Room No. 19 & 20, Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology, Vikasa Soudha, Bangalore – 560001

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- How many days does it take to complete and obtain the New Ration Card in the state of Karnataka?

With an overall cycle of Registration, authentication, sanction, and delivery, it does take a minimum of 2 weeks time from the date of commencement of application of the Ration Card.

Ques- What are the application charges incurred on the Karnataka ration card?

The charges generally depends upon the mode of application the registrant relied upon. If the Registrant has done offline registration, then a sum of Rs 100 is to be paid to the delivery man out there inclusive of the postal charge whereas the Online registration usually done through the KIOSK official applies Rs 100/copy and Rs 50 for every time the applicant visit the KIOSK in the context of Registration.

Ques- What is the function of Karnataka ration card SMS services?

Karnataka Ration card SMS services are generally the services to receive the message alerts and notification regarding the new updates/schemes to the applicant. One shall send an SMS to 973197989 in the prescribed way.

Ques- Who all are eligible to apply for Karnataka ration card service?

One who is a permanent resident of Karnataka without any pre-existing ration card of any of the state and has a yearly income of Rs 17000(in terms of rural area and Rs 12000 can apply for registering under the portal

Ques- What are the 4 types of ration card being provided by the Karnataka ration card?

The 4 categories in which the Karnataka ration card is classified are:
Priority household
Antyoday Anna Yojana
Annapurna Yojana
Non-priority Household ration card

Ques- Where can we get the official website of Karnataka Ration card scheme?

The official website of the Karnataka Ration card scheme portal is provided below:

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