Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2024: Online Land Record RTC, Pahani Report

Karnataka Bhoomi RTC 2024: The portal was launched by the Government of Karnataka, to move ahead with the process of digitalization. The motto behind launching the portal is to manage land records. By using this portal, the citizen of Karnataka can easily take the advantage of the various services related to the land. The portal was introduced by the Revenue Department of Karnataka, to handle all the land-related services, and its record. The government has tried to provide all the services, through the online portal, and this land portal is one of them.

On this blog, you will get all the information related to the Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Portal 2024, and the main purpose of our is to provide authentic and complete information about the portal, and if we get any new information or update about the portal then the same will be updated here. Go through the article get all the information about the procedures which i might be helpful for you.

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2023: Online Land Record RTC, Pahani Report
Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2024: Online Land Record RTC, Pahani Report

About Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Portal

The Bhoomi is the Flagship project for the Government of Karnataka which was launched this portal in the year 2000, to manage State land records. Under this project, all the manual entry of the land has been removed with the digitalization, and all these details are available for all the citizens. Now, everyone can check the details, by using this portal get all the information about any land, which increases the transparency, and reduces the case of Land Forgery.

Overview of Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Portal

Here, is the overview about the Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Portal 2024, so that you will get all the essential information from this section of the article.

Name of the PortalLand management Portal
Introduced ByDepartment of Revenue of Karnataka
Who can take the benefitsKarnataka Citizens
Main BenefitAll the details of any land are easily available.
Purpose of the SchemeTo increase the transparency and reduces the forgeries in the State, by making the process digital.
Fees For RegistrationNone
Application ModeOnline/ Offline
District availableAll districts of Karnataka
Official we

About RTC

RTC stands for the Record of the Rights, Tenancy & Crops, which is also known by the name of Pahani and is one of the important documents, which is used as legal evidence of the recorded land. The documents which are included in the RTC, are:

Area of the Land AreaTenancy
Land typeThe rate of the Water is used to keep the land fertile
Liabilities such as bank loans on the landCommercial, agricultural and non-agricultural residential flood area
Landowner InformationIdentification of the type of soil
Type of Crops are grown on the propertyNature of possession

Benefits of Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Portal

There are some of the benefits, we describe in the below block so that you can easily take the advantage of the following: –

  • With the help of the portal, you can record the application for Loan.
  • Easy to get the record of the RTC of any land, and get the information about the owner.
  • Now, the people of Karnataka can easily apply for the mutation/ transfer request in case of buying deeds.
  • Getting to know about the crop is easy all thanks to the i-RTC record.
  • Check the online Status of any Land request.
  • If any disputes, you can submit them through this portal.

List of the services available in the Bhoomi RTC Portal

From the Land Portal of Karnataka, you will get the advantage of the below mention services, which is available in the portal:

Mutation RegisterRegistration of Citizen
Information of RTCTippan
RTCRevenue Maps
Kodagu Disaster RescueCitizen Login
i-Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (i-RTC)List of New Taluks
Register of Dispute CasesMutation Status
XML verification of RTCMutation Extract

Registration Process Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Portal

The process of registration is one of the crucial steps, to open the other facilities of the portal. After registering to the portal, then only you get the explanatory details about the services, or you can also apply for those. By following, the below steps, you can easily register yourself:

  • The process of registration has been started when you visit the official site of the Karnataka Bhoomi Portal,
  • On the home page click on the Bhoomi option,
  • The Link will direct you to the next tap, where you need to click on the Citizen services
  • A new page will open, choose the create a new account option
  • The form will open on your screen, in which you have to fill in the following details:
    • Enter your first name and the last name
    • Email Id
    • Enter User ID, and create a password
    • select gender
    • fill the details of the Address
    • Mobile Number, and verifying it by entering the OTP
    • write the captcha code
    • And click to proceed further,
  • These are the steps that you need to follow for the process of registration, after the registration, you can move to the next step i.e Login to the portal.

How to Check the RTC/ Pahani on Bhoomi Portal

Check the RTC or Pahani details, online, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the official site of the Karnataka Bhoomi online portal,
  • Click on the services, and choose the option view RTC & MR
  • On the next page, select and enter the following details:
VillageSurvey No.Surmoc
Hissa No.PeriodYear
  • Then after the details will come on your screen, i.e. owner’s name, extent, and the khatan no.
Karnataka-Bhoomi-RTC-view-of RTC

Mutation Property

The term mutation property means, the exchange of property from one hand to another hand. It is the legal document in which the property has been transferred. It is the process of changing the owner, by means of purchasing the property. The mutation of the property has been done because of the following reasons:

1Property/land being divided within the family
2When the government acquired the Land
3Agricultural Land Change for other purposes.
4Death of the property owner
5land will be sold

Check Mutation Status Online

Mutation status can be checked online, by visiting the Bhoomi Portal of Karnataka. Click on the service option, and choose the view RTC and MR. Once the page opened, click on the Mutation Status. On the another opened tab, fill in the below details;

VillageSurvey No.Surmoc
Hissa No.PeriodYear

And click on the Fetch details, the information will come on your screen.


How to view RTC Form No. 16

For viewing the RTC Form 16 in the official portal, you need to click on the services option, where you have to choose RTC information. The next page will open on your screen, now you have to choose one option from the following: –

Survey No. wiseOwner WiseRegistration Number/ Date
  • If you choose Survey No. wise, then you have filled in these details: District, taluk, Hobli, Village, survey No., surnoc, Hissa, and click to the View Mutation data.
  • On Owner wise: district, taluk, Hobli, Village, surnoc, Hissa, and click to view details
  • The registration option: district, taluk, registration number, registration date, and tap to the Fetch option.

Download i-RTC From Karnataka Online Bhoomi Portal

The process, for downloading the i-RTC online, is simple, by following the below-given steps, you can easily download it, but for i-RTC, you need to pay some charges, which is given after the process:

  • Visit, click on the Bhoomi,
  • The next click to the service, and choose- i-RTC
  • After clicking on the option, the form will appear on your screen, in which you have to enter the following details:
    • First name and the last name
    • Enter Mobile No., and Email address
    • Write your twelve-digit, Aadhaar Card, no.
  • And click to proceed option
  • The new page will display, on which you have to enter all the required details
  • After that click on the Fetch data,
  • The RTC details will appear on the page,
  • For downloading, click on the payment option, pay 10/- INR,
  • Once the payment was confirmed, then you can download the RTC pdf.

Note: Enter the valid mobile number or the number which you have during the process because for verification you will receive a message on that number.

Documents and their Fees Charges

The charges, which you have to pay, for the following mention documents:

Types of the DocumentsFees (INR)
Record of Right15
Tenancy and Crops (RTC)10
Mutation Extract15
Mutation Status15

Note: People who do not have the facilities of Internet, can go to the CSC center to the documents and pay charges.

Check the Dispute Report

You can get a dispute report, by visiting the official portal, the link is given below on the article. By clicking on the services option, you have to choose the Disputes case reports, which are mention under the citizen registration.

The link will direct you to the portal of Disputes case, in which you need to select the district and Taluk and click on the Get report option, the information will appear on your screen.

Generate a SMS alert service

In case if you want to generate the SMS alert services on your phone, then you need to follow these steps:

  • To generate the SMS alert service, visit the, which directs you to the homepage,
  • From the many options, select the citizen registration option,
  • The link will direct you to the new page, i.e. SMS alert service for customer registration
  • Enter all the required details:
    • Enter Aadhar No.
    • Citizen Name
    • Mobile No., and generate OTP for the verification
    • Enter OTP, and verify the number
  • After the verification process, enter the details such as Father Name (as per RTC), entered the address, EPIC No., and Landline No.
  • Filling all the details, upload the Identification proof, in the JPG or JPEG format.
  • Then, click on Next
  • Fill in the details of the land, and survey NO.
  • Enter the Captcha
  • And click on the submit option

Note: Candidate can create an SMS alert for the Agricultural Land, as per the official site notification.

How to Check Revenue Map

If you want you can check the revenue map, you will get the information about how much area covered of land is under your name. The process is simple, you can see the below blocks:

  • Go to the official portal of the RTC Karnataka,
  • On the homepage, click to the Bhoomi,
  • Through that link, the new page will be open, then tap to the services option,
  • Then click on the Revenue map, which is mention under the i-RTC option
  • The link will direct you to the next tap
  • From where you have to fill the below mention details:
VillageSurvey No.Surmoc
Hissa No.PeriodYear
  • And click on the search button.
  • The details will appear on the screen, you have to click on the pdf option
  • Now you can view the revenue map, in the pdf form.
  • The image of the map will be appear like this after downloading the pdf.

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka: Land Conversion

To apply for the conversion of the land, the candidate must go to the site and click on the Bhoomi, a new page will be open. Then tap to the services option, where you find the Apply for the conversion option, click to the option. And Choose the type of land conversion. The type of land conversions is mention in the below blocks:


The applicant can apply for these type of land of the conversion:

Affidavit Based Conversion: In this type of land conversion, you will get the Affidavit of Notarized, the type of land cover under this category is outside the area.

Master Plan-Based Deemed Land Conversion: As per this category, the land is present under the master plan area, which was published according to the local authority.

Section 109 Permission: It is a provision, under which land of conversion will be covered, and it is mainly for the agricultural land.

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka: Contact Details

For queries, you can contact to the Helpdesk number b/w 10 am to 5:30 pm, which are as:

  •  8277864066
  •  8277862875
  •  9480832109
  •  9480832137

Address: Bhoomi Monitoring Cell, SSLR Building, K.R. Circle, Bangalore – 560001
Email ID: [email protected]

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka: Important Links

Citizen Registration for SMS AlertVisit Here
Check Mutation status OnlineClick Now
Check RTC/ PahaniVisit Now
i-RTCClick Here
Karnataka Bhoomi RTC official portalClick Here

Karnataka Bhoomi RTC: FAQs

What is the term Revenue map means?

It is the record of the land from which you will get the information about the area and division of the land.

What is the term Pahani means?

The Pahani term is also called a Patta, in the state of Karnataka, which is used to get the details of the cultivator, khatta No., details of the Land Revenue, etc.

From where I can get the Bangalore RTC?

You can get the RTC, by visiting to the official site of the

From where I can get the print out of the RTC of the Karnataka Land?

For i-RTC of Karnataka land, you have to visit the Bhoomi portal> i-RTC> Login/ Citizen Login> enter all the details> make payment> after the confirmation> RTC details will Flash on your screen> take a print out of the pdf.

What is the term Survey No. means?

Survey No. is the unique number, which is given by the Survey Department of the Land, to each land, for maintaining the Land record. The survey document record the size, shape, location, etc. information.

Where this Form 9 and Form 10 has been used?

Form 9 and 10 have been used to give the land tax, which was authorized from 1993, as per the sec. 199 of collect tax.

What is the term KLR Login?

The term KLR is known as a Karnataka Land Record, in which people can check or register their respective land, for buying or selling purposes and to make the land legally documented.

Is I have to give any fees for registering on the Land record portal of Karnataka?

No, as per the official notification, you do not need to pay any registration charges.

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