WB Caste Certificate Application Online, Status, SC/ST/OBC Certificate

WB Caste Certificate| Application online| Application Status| SC/ST/OBC Certificate| WB Caste Certificate is basically for the people belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. The Department of West Bengal which is assigned to work in betterment of Backward classes is The Backward Classes Welfare Department. The Department aim towards improving capability and life of backward classes in general term. WB Caste Certificate is now provided online by the Government of West Bengal.

Caste Certificate is a valid document issued by the government of India. This certificate acts as a proof of people belonging to an inclusive caste particularly the Backward Castes. It is to protect them by providing various service and yojanas with high benefits. A caste certificate is important to one and all citizens. The certificate is needed in case of government exams, in institutions, colleges while admission, for filling forms etc . It provides a  huge advantage to the backward classes.

In certain states, both online and offline process is available to get a caste certificate whereas in other states Caste Certificate is received online.

WB Caste Certificate

WB Caste Certificate : Overview

Though the Caste Certificate was introduced by the Government of India, it does not issue it to citizens. Basically, it is issued to the citizen by the authority of the concerned state is a regional Tehsildhar or Sub-Divisional Officer. The authorities providing Caste Certificate may vary from state to state. Those who wish to apply for the caste certificate, they need to contact the concerned authorities of their respective areas.

Name West Bengal Caste Certificate
CategoryWest Bengal Govt. Scheme
OrganizationGovernment of West Bengal 
ValidityFor entire life
Mode of applicationOnline/ Offline
Notification number1204-SBCW/MR-67/10
Application FeeNil
Processing time 60-90 days or more
State West Bengal

Reasons to get WB Caste Certificate

The people who are provided with a caste certificate are ensured with an abundance of benefits. It is a valid document according to the Government guideline. Some other varied reason behind having caste certificate:

  • It gets easy for getting the job under the specific condition implied by the authority.
  • It provides a reduction in the amount of fee in the various education centre
  • To get benefits on both government and non-government schemes.
  • To get a loan according to the category for housing getting more benefits.
  • Can also get benefit on loan for studying such as an educational loan.

Eligibility Requirements from applicants

The applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Applicant must be citizen of India.
  • Applicant must be a permanent member of West Bengal
  • Must belong to the stated category, in case of fraud applicant will be punished according to the law
  • In OBC case applicant should not be in creamy layer.
  • Must be an ordinary resident of West Bengal
  • Proof of Identity should be there

WB Caste Certificate: Eligibility

There are two criteria to look in :

  • For Citizenship:
    • Citizenship Certificate
    • Voter Identity Card of Self parent
    • Fully verified Voter list of parent
    • PAN number of parent or oneself
    • Birth Certificate
    • Caste certificate of father

The documents should not be forged, it is punishable crime in the eyes of law.

  • Permanent Address
    • Land Tax receipt
    • Land Deed
    • Voter list (since 15/03/1993)
    • Birth Certificate (Since 15/03/1993)
  • For Local Residence
    • Land Deed
    • BPL Card
    • Rent Receipt etc
  • Caste Identity
    • Caste certificate of any close blood related relative
    • Copy of old Land Deed
    • Any other government document
  • For Identity
    • EPIC of applicant
    • Pan Card
    • Passbook of the Bank etc

WB Caste Certificate: Information for Application

While filling the form of the WB Caste Certificate you may need to have all the information provided below-

  • Name
  • Fathers and Mother’s Name
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Identity Proof: Aadhaar Card
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Residential Address
    • Present Address
    • Permanent Address
  • Caste Certificate number (any family member)

Documents Required

The documents required for the West Bengal caste Certificate are:

  • Individual Information
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Photo in jpeg format (200 kb img)
    • Signature in jpeg format (200 kb img)
    • Residence Proof
    • Birth Certificate
    • Income Certificate
    • Voter Id Card
    • Ration card
    • Municipality Certificate
    • BDO Certificate
  • Information regarding family members
    • Land Document of the family
    • Caste Certificate of family members

How to apply for WB Caste Certificate?

To apply for Caste Certificate, you can use the online portal too. The online portal has thus made it easier to get Caste Certificate to ensure benefits in accordance with the caste certificate. To apply follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the concerned state in this case West Bengal.
WB Caste Certificate website
  • Then from the website click on the option, Application for SC/ST/OBC Certificate
Caste Certificate application form
  • Now the application form will appear on the screen that needs to be filled with details.
  • In the first part of the application, select your District, subdivision and Municipality(Block) from the drop-down list.
Fill in application
  • Then, select the category you belong to of SC/ST/OBC and Caste/Tribe/Community
  • Now enter the individual information such as :
    • Name
    • Father’s Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Email ID
    • Aadhaar Card Number
    • Date and Place of Birth
    • Gender
  • The applicants’ address:
    • Present Address
    • Permanent Address
  • Nationality
  • Select your religion
  • If someone in your paternal side has Caste certificate then you need to provide the details given below:
    • Caste Certificate holder Name
    • The relation between applicant the caste certificate holder.
    • Certificate Number
    • Certificate issue date
    • Issuing authority
  • In the next part, the applicant needs to fill in details about two local referees.
    • Referee Name I
    • Referee Address I
    • Referee Name II
    • Referee Address II
  • Migration Certificate details if migrated
  • If you belong to the category of OBC, you will have to fill in additional information. This information is not editable, therefore fill in the details by double-checking.
    • Parent Service details
    • Agricultural land holding
    • Income of parents
  • Then continue to page two where the supporting documents needs to be updated
    • Photo of the applicant (Max 200kb ) in jpeg format
    • Identification document of Caste
    • Proof of Age
    • Citizenship proof
    • Local residence proof
  • Finally, save the document and submit it.
  • Do not forget to download the autogenerated Application form and Acknowledgement for future reference.

How to edit application?

In case the application form you filled was filled incorrectly then you can change the application form by the edit option. To edit the application form you can follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of West Bengal caste certificate
  • On opening the website click on the option Edit Application.
Edit Application
  • On clicking the option, next page will appear to find application number
  • Here you need to fill application number and Date of Birth in order to search your application form.
Edit application Details
  • Thus, your application form will appear, then edit it .
  • Finally submit it after making all the changes

WB Caste Certificate: Check application status

After applying the application form you can check the application status. For that you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the West Bengal Caste certificate.
  • Once you open the website click on the option View Status Of Application from the Citizen Corner Menu
Application Status
  • This will lead you to the next page where you can find your application.
  • Fill in the application number on the option and click on the search option.
  • This will further open the application form and so the applicant can check it.

How to view Caste Certificate Details?

The applicant who wants to see the application status can directly go to the official website.

  • Visit the official website of Backward Class Welfare Department of West Bengal.
  • Then from the homepage of website, look through the citizen corner box.
  • Further lick on the option View Certificate Details
View Application details
  • It will lead you to next page where details are needed to be filled in order to view details
  • You can check the details by three methods
  • New Certificate Number


  • Old certificate no
    • Year Issued
    • Issuing authority


  • Name and Date of Issue
  • Then click on the search option and it will fetch all the relevant details for the applicant
View caste certificate details

WB Caste Certificate: How to reprint application?

In case while submitting application form you didn’t download the acknowledgement slip then it can be done like this:

  • Firstly, go the official website of the caste certificate of the concerned states.
  • Then once the website opens look through the citizen corner menu box.
  • Click on the option Reprint Application /Acknowledgement Slip from the menu box
Caste Certificate reprint application
  • This will lead you to next page where you need to find the application form .
  • On filling the application name and Date of Birth click on the search option
  • The application will appear on the screen, further download the acknowledgement slip for future reference.

WB Caste Certificate: How to apply offline?

Some of the applicants have trouble while applying online, so offline services are also available. To apply offline you can the process is given below:

  • Firstly applicant needs to download the application form. It will be provided in the link down below.
  • Click on Forms option from the main menu of the website
Caste certificate offline application form
  • The form will appear in pdf format which is to be downloaded. The form is available in both English and Bengali language
Application form in different languages
  • Then fill in the information in detail.
  • Attach the required documents with the application
  • Then you have to personally submit the application form to the concerned authorities of the concerned states.

WB Caste Certificate Benefits

WB Caste Certificate ensures tremendous benefits to the applicant belonging to the Caste Certificate. This Certificate serves as proof of you being a part of the category of society especially the reserved category. The government ensures various kinds of facilities under the various schemes. They get many opportunities to grow and get a better life under the introduced schemes. They are very well used in all the relevant places such as-

  • In recruitment appointment, they get reserved under a quota with high benefits
  • Also in colleges, institutes, universities they are reserved under quota for preference
  • In recruitment or appointment, there is provided fee reduction
  • The fee reduction in colleges or universities
  • The age limit is increased as per benefits for the upper age category in recruitment
  • The upper age limit is changed as per preference in colleges or university admissions.
  • Relaxation on admission marks for admission
  • Relaxation in the qualification level in the admission for the colleges
  • Other service benefits are :
    • Government schemes
    • Non Government schemes
    • Loan for education
    • Programmes for growth
    • Programmes for self employment etc.

Issuance Of Certificate

The applicant needs to submit the application form after filling for application within 2 months of filing application online. Then the hardcopy of the application form will be submitted to the BDO Office In your panchayat area or municipal area. In order to submit the application form first call the concerned authority and ask for the date of submission. Further, you will be guided to issue the certificate by the officials.

Some important points to keep in mind on issuance of certificate:

  • Affidavit

The authority may seek the affidavit on enquiry. The format is changed in accordance to the guidelines issued. The affidavit is basically the case for which identity requires futher supporting informations.

  • Verification Of Genealogical Chart

This is the support copy of your caste certificate as per verification system. This proves your blodd relations with the certificate holder.

  • Case Of Adoption

Such cases are referred to the administrative department with necessary papers.

Issuing Authorities

The recommending authority in the block is the Block Development Officer(BDO). In Municipal regions, a deputy magistrate acts as the issuing authority under the subdivision. The Backward Classes inspector or any other officer of the same rank acts as an enquiring officer regarding the issue of the certificate.

Additional Services

There are more services which can tackled through another official website of Backward Classes welfare department.

  • Guidelines for issuance of OBC Certificate (English)
  • Guidelines for issuance of SC / ST Certificate (English)
  • Issue of SC / ST / OBC Certificates
  • List of Scheduled Castes
  • List of Scheduled Tribes
  • List of Other Backward Classes
  • Form of Application for SC / ST / OBC Certificate (English)
  • Form of Application for SC / ST / OBC Certificate (Bengali)
  • Number of Caste Certificates Issued From 2005 to 2015
  • Online Application for Issuance of Caste Certificate

Additional Information

The additional important information are-

  • Applicant No should be kept safe for future reference.
  • The applicant should appear at BDO for their hearing
  • They should be in front of BDO on the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of any month within 60 days period time.
  • The time of appearance is between 12 noon to 3 pm.
  • Before this, online application should have been submitted
  • The original documents should be brought for verification when going for hearings
  • The caste certificate issued can be used for as long as one wants
  • Once a caste certificate is issued, the holder can’t change the name as per wish.

Caste Certificate Reports

In order to check the caste certificate report of West Bengal, you can check by doing this:

  • First go to the official website of the Backward Classes Welfare Department of West Bengal.
  • Then click on the option District corner from the main menu.
Caste Certificate Reports
  • On the next page, an option will appear, View Caste certificate Report
View Report
  • Click on the option to view the report.
  • It will lead you to a new page, where you need to select month and year.
Caste certificate report
  • Click on submit option, thus it will lead you to the report. for example
Caste certificate reports

Contact Details

Contact Details033 24791681
Email ID[email protected]
AddressBackward Classes Welfare Department
DJ-4, Sector-II, Administrative Building, SDO Bidhannagar, 4th,Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

Important links

Official website Caste CertificateClick here
Backward Classes Welfare DepartmentClick here
Form of Application for SC / ST / OBC Certificate (English)Click here
Form of Application for SC / ST / OBC Certificate (Bengali)Click here
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What is Caste Certificate? I belong to KOTAL Caste can i apply for Caste Certificate?

The Caste Certificate is basically a valid document that tells category of society you come from, and what all benefits can be bestowed upon you according to the guidelines issued by the government. Yes, you can apply for a caste certificate as you belong to the Scheduled Caste category of the society.

I don’t have any proof of my Caste though I belong to OBC, Can I still apply for the Certificate?

Yes, you can apply for this certificate by submitting a proof indicating that you relatives wo belongs to this category.

Does Caste certificate helps in admission in the colleges?

Yes, people who belongs to Backward classes have reserved quota at time of admission for the colleges or universities.

I have misplaced my Caste certificate can i get it again?

The Caste certificate can be reissued, it is renewed and fresh certificate is issued.

Where can the grievance issue can be filed and dealt with?

The grievance issue can be filed and dealt in the Scrutiny committee and District Vigilance Cell.

What is this EPIC Document?

The epic document is Voter Identity Card of Self or Parents which serves as proof for number of items like identity, address and citizen ship.

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