Book HP Gas Online, Check Status, Subsidy Details

HP Gas Online : India is 4th largest country in terms of Consumption of LPG. The Liquified Petroleum Gas caters to the needs of millions of Households of India of all the income groups. The advent of LPG in the recent time has provided the connections and essential consumption for cooking to the Indian households by different Petroleum Corporations. One such is the Hindustan Petroleum(HP), one of the largest Public sector units which in recent time has come up with the service of Booking the Gas online, tracking the status, subsidizing the cylinders, locating distributors etc. to the citizens all across the nation. This article guides the consumers throughout the functioning and services that portal offers.

HP Gas Booking Online

Book HP Gas Online, Check Status, Subsidy Details

HP Gas is a liquified gas that is distributed by Hindustan Petroleum to the consumers on demand. The cycle undergoes a proper circle of order, Gas filling, distribution, refilling, digital payment, etc. The recent Digitalization of the portal into the ‘My HP Gas‘ has brought to the consumers ease of interface to receive the gas. Since 1955, the years of its launching, HP Gas has shown an utmost rise and so far as of March 2020 has an active user base of 8.5 crores throughout the country.

HP Gas Cylinder Booking

Provide below is the tabular representation of the key points of HP Gas :

Name of the PortalMy HP Gas Portal
Subsidiary ofHIndustan Petroleum
Parent OrganisationOil and Natural Gas Corporation(ONGC)
ObjectiveProviding instant delivery of the LPG cylinders to the consumers
BeneficiariesConsumers who have an active connection of HP Gas
Total number of Consumers85 million as on March, 2020

Documents Required for Registration into HP Gas Portal

The applicants who are seeking to register for the HP Gas connection must be ready with the following documents during the registration cycle:

  • Identity card of the Registrant( Aadhar Card/ Voter Id Card/PAN Card/Driving License)
  • Residential Certificate
  • A copy of Household Bills(Electricity/Water)
  • A copy of front page of Bank Passbook denoting Bank details
  • Ration Card xerox

How to Register Online for HP LPG Gas Connection?

Once the Applicant gets the E KYC done successfully, He/She will need to fill up the application portal. Provided below is the step-by-step orderly details to fill up the information in different sections:

  • To guide the user, generally the E KYC is done to authenticate the user who is about to register for the HP Application. E KYC is the initial section in the Application portal, whereby the user needs to tick out by providing the consent to retrieve the information, Tick mark the permanent address as current address(if any) and Provide the Aadhar Card Number.
  • A VID will be generated which needs to provide inside the textbox.
  • On legit VID and Aadhar card number entered, the E KYC of the consumer will be done successfully marking the consumer eligible for further registration.
 E KYC section
  • In the initial section, Applicant is required to provide the Full name and the Date of Birth in the said format.
  • Now provide the address details mentioning your House number, Name of the street, City, selecting the District and States from drop-down respectively. Further provide your Personal Email ID(registered and functional email address), Mobile Number, Office and Residential number.
Application Personal Details Section
  • In the LPG Connection Details, Registrant needs to provide the Cylinder type(Whether 14.2 Kg or Petromax gas cylinder) and Connection Type(Whether Single Bottle connection or Double Bottle Connection) from the select bar.
  • Now the Registrant will be required to provide the Identity Proof in the the below section. Applicant will be required to write the following number in the textboxes:
    • Aadhar Number
    • Passport Number
    • PAN Card Number
    • Voter ID Card Number
    • State/Central Issued ID Card
    • D/L Number
  • Next choose the affixed card from any of the IDs provided .
 LPG connection detail
  • In the Proof of Address section, select any of the below cards which you have as a sign of Address proof. Thenafter type the ID Proof on the bottom in the textbox.
HP Gas Address details section
  • In the Upload section, Applicant needs to upload the scanned copies of Identity Proof, Address proof(not exceeding 300 KB) and Passport Size photograph(less than 50 Kb).
HP Gas Upload section
  • Lastly post the Uploading of the documents, Read the points of undertaking regarding the consent, Tick the accept button and Click on the Submit button. Your Registration for the HP Gas connection will be updated successfully.
HP Gas undertaking

How to Track the HP Gas LPG Status?

Applicants or consumers can also check the status of their application or Booking of the Cylinder through the My HP Gas portal. Provided below are the steps that provide the procedure to check the status online:

  • Visit the My HP Gas portal.
  • Once the homepage opens, click on the Register for LPG connection option appearing in the LPG services key portal.
  • A separate window of Registration status will be opened in front of you.
  • Hereby, Consumer needs to provide the Reference number, Official Date of Birth, and the captcha generated into the textbox.
  • At last, Click on the Check Status button on the bottom and the status of your LPG will be displayed on the screen.
HP Gas track status

How to Provide Feedback under My HP Gas Portal?

The procedure provided below guides the consumer for providing Feedback which comprises the facilitation of complaint/Suggestion/Appreciation/Query:

  • Once landed upon the homepage of HP Gas Portal, Consumer needs to check the LPG services portal
  • From the LPG services, Tap on Give Your Feedback Online section
  • Now the consumer will be redirected to a separate portal for LPG Feedback.
  • To give the Feedback, the user is required to provide the following details:
    • Feedback type
    • Select whether consumer is of HP or not
    • Name
    • State name(from the Drop-Down)
    • District(from the Drop-Down)
    • Distributor’s name( Distributor is generally the Gas agency that is accountable for the distribution of HP gas cylinders of a particular region)
    • Consumer Number or Gas connection Number



  • Mention of House Address along with the number and locality
HP  LPG Feedback Portal
  • Mention of
    • Email Address
    • Pin code
    • Mobile Number
    • Category and Sub category of the Gas
    • A Description of the Feedback in the textbox
    • Affix Attachments(If any pertaining to the Feedback)
    • Enter the Captcha in the textbox
 LPG Feedback form 2
  • Lastly tap on the Submit Button provided on the bottom . The Feedback of the Consumer will be recorded, taken into consideration and the officials will enhance the portal and get back to the consumer in case of any complaint or query of the consumer.

How to Book HP Gas Cylinder?

The instant service of the HP Gas provides its consumers with better ease of access and frequent delivery of the HP Gas Cylinder at the doorsteps of the consumers. Booking the Gas with HP is quite convenient and easy. Al the consumer needs to do is go to the LPG services portal and tap on the Book Your Cylinder displayed in the menu bar inside the Speech Balloon. Generally the HP Gas cylinder can be best booked through 4 ways:

Quick Book and Pay

Quick Book and Pay is an instant method where the consumer search out the LPG details, provide the information, and books the Gas cylinder. It is opened by tapping on the Quick Book and Pay option displayed on the Gas portal. It typically works in 2 ways:

Quick Search– Quick search works on the principles of providing the details of:

  • Name of the Gas Agency/Distributor
  • Consumer or Connection Number of the HP LPG Gas
  • Entering the Captcha in the textbox
Gas cylinder Quick search

Lastly Tap on the Proceed Button and the user will be redirected to a confirmation and successful booking notice bar.


Normal Search– Normal search is the alternate option to book the HP Gas LPG cylinder that usually comprises:

  • State
  • District
  • Gas Distributor
  • Consumer number
 cylinder normal search

Once the above details are provided , proceed button is tapped. The portal guides the user to the notification of successful booking inside the portal

HP Gas Online Booking

It is an option to book the LPG through the Digital portal of My HP Gas. For Booking the LPG through online booking, one needs to be having a Login account into the HP Portal. Below we have provided the steps to undergo for HP Gas Online Booking:

  • Once the consumer chooses the HP Gas online booking hyperlink, a separate portal appears in the next page.
  • Here in the Login portal, Consumer is required to provide the Registered Mobile Number Or Email Address and enter the captcha inside the textbox.
  • At last, Tap on the Login button displayed on the bottom.
HP gas book cylinder Online
  • The personalized Dashboard of the consumer will be appearing on the screen. Consumer can therefore book the LPG through the Booking option inside the Dashboard and register successfully for the HP Gas booking.

NREGA Job Card

IVRS HP Gas LPG Booking

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System. It is generally a traditional method of Booking an LPG cylinder by simply dialing an allotted number for a specific region, abiding by the instructions of the recorded output, and proceeding to Book an LPG cylinder. The process is much similar to calling a requesting number of the Telephonic network for recharge, Balance enquiry etc. The HP Gas through IVRS can be booked at the own convenience of the user at any time. Further there is no registration cost. Consumer can select His language from the Drop- Down and is entitled to receive the notifications of Booking and Delivery.

IVRS generally can be availed by the Registered Users as well as Non- Registered users.

  • Registered Users– The consumers who are registered with the HP Gas services are required to :
    • place a call to the IVR number
    • Provide a confirmation of the connection number
    • Dial 1 for Book Refill
    • Upon successful booking, a system generated Booking number will be provided which the user must note down for the future references
  • Non- Registered Users– For the users who are not registered with the HP Gas, they need to :
    • Dial the IVR number
    • Select their preferable language
    • Provide the Landline number details of the dealer with no mention of STD code
    • Write the connection number
    • Choose 1 from the keypad of the phone for Book refilling
    • Post successful registration for booking, the consumer will receive a system generated message of terming the Booking registration as Personal registration
    • Lastly pressing 1 will also register the primary number of the Consumer as registered number for the Booking,
HP Gas IVRS Number List
HP Gas – IVRS Number list of the LPG Booking of the states of India

Vahan Parivahan Application

How to avail Subsidy under HP Gas Online Portal

Subsidy is generally a relaxation provided by the government by cutting off the rates of the LPG cylinders that are obtained by the consumers. Subsidy can be availed by both Registered and Non-registered applicants on the portal of HP Gas:

  • Registered User– Registered users may avail of the Subsidy on the Gas cylinders by providing their Login credentials created during the time of registration. On successful login , The consumer can go to the Dashboard and avail the subsidy on the LPG cylinder
HP registered user subsidy
  • Non- Registered User : Non registered users may avail of the subsidy either providing their 4 digit LPG ID or Aadhar Number or Via Bank account details
Hp GAs non registered user subsidy

Download My HP Gas Mobile Application

To download the HP Gas Application, below are the steps provided to guide the user through thr process of Downloading:

  • Go to the Play store of your android device
  • In the search bar, Type HP Gas App
  • Once the search results appear, Tap on the Install Button denoted in the green background at the right corner.
  • Your application will start downloading and will get installed into your android device.
HP Gas Application download

How to Book LPG through HP Gas Android Application?

Applicant shall book the Cylinder through the Android Apk of HP Gas by following the steps provided below:

  • Post the Downloading and installation of the application, Application needs to activate the Gas connection.
  • Consumer must provide the Distributor code, Connection number and the Linked Mobile Number with the HP Gas connection.
  • Submit the above details and an activation code will be sent on the mobile number of the user.
  • Provide the code into the Application and your activation will be done on the device.
  • At last the consumer can avail of the Booking of Hp Gas by tapping on ‘LPG Refill order’ and successfully registering the LPG cylinder order.

Frequently Answered Questions

How can I check the status of the LPG i have booked from HP?

Consumer must go to the official homepage, open the LPG services and Tap on the Register for LPG connection. Once the applicants provides the asked details in the portal, the status of His/her application will appear on the screen.

What is the difference between Gas booking through IVRS and Online booking?

IVRS is a traditional method of booking the LPG gas by dialing the service number and registering through the instructons via keypad whereas the Online booking is a digitalised mode of Booking the LPG whereby the Consumer enters the portal, Login into the portal and Books the LPG cylinder.

How can I do the E KYC for HP Gas portal?

E-KYC is generally the authentication before registration which can be done by providing the consent through ticking the undertaking, entering the Aadhar card and providing the VID to successfully do the KYC for registration.

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